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About AWVN

AWVN delivers two types of products and services to its members: general services (based on an annual financial contribution) and consultancy services.


Founded in 1919
General employers’ association AWVN was founded in 1919 to promote its members interest and provide services in the social and economic fields. Today, more than 750 companies, 700 business units and some 65 institutions from many branches of industry, the services sector and the world of harbours, transportation and logistics are affiliated to AWVN.

The relationship between AWVN and its members is one firmly based on trust. This facilitates the substantial information exchange that occurs between the parties and enhances the quality of the services provided.

Service desk
The AWVN employers’ line is the helpdesk for members. You can ring 070 850 86 05 or send an e-mail to to put to AWVN all the questions you have on matters related to employment conditions or falling under labour law. The staff manning the employers’ line can often answer your question themselves. However, if that is not the case they will see to it that your question is passed on to a consultant/lawyer with expertise in the area concerned, who will contact you. In all cases you will receive a reply within two working days. In theory no costs are associated with advice given over the phone.

As a consultancy, AWVN is operational in the whole field of employership, employment conditions and employment relationships. It is involved in the making of over 450 Collective Labour Agreements (with a market share of approximately 65%) and over 300 fringe benefit arrangements. AWVN’s proven reliability ensures that it is a trusted partner for trade unions, whereby its advice is more readily accepted by employees. Consequently, the implementation of measures runs more smoothly.

AWVN – strong at micro and meso level – is a partner of VNO-NCW, the employers’ federation at a macro level. This means that whilst enjoying the whole array of services provided by AWVN, members can also benefit from the broad-based lobbying of VNO-NCW. The members of AWVN can be sure their interests are represented at all levels.


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Short animation about AWVN

Short animation about AWVN
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