Get a head-start too, and join AWVN! Apart from affiliation as a regular member, you can also join AWVN in the capacity of prospective member.

  • Normal membership

    This is regular membership. Any company or trade association in the Netherlands can become a direct member of AWVN. Members receive all the AWVN’s services offered in exchange for payment of membership dues.
    Members can also have unlimited use of the AWVN’s paid services. These members have voting rights within the association and are eligible for official seats on the board.

  • Prospective membership

    This is a special membership structure for companies and trade associations that fi rst want to get to know AWVN with a view to possibly becoming full members thereafter. Companies and trade associations can only put themselves forward as prospective members if they simultaneously contract out a reasonable consultancy assignment to AWVN which they pay for. Other conditions and rules are:
    • The period of prospective membership is set at a maximum of six months
    • Notice of termination must be given at least one month before the term of prospective membership comes to an end*
    • In the absence of any notice of termination, prospective membership automatically turns into normal membership, whereupon the rules governing normal membership apply
    • Companies and trade associations may only make use of prospective membership once
    • Prospective members do not pay a membership fee
    • Prospective members receive the same services in return for membership dues as normal members
    • Prospective members do not have voting rights and are not eligible for offi cial seats on the board.

    * If a prospective member renounces normal membership and therefore gives notice of termination during the course of an ongoing consultancy assignment, AWVN completes the assignment under way in accordance with the offer. In this case AWVN applies a 10% surcharge on the activities it performs (in the framework of the assignment in question) aft er expiry of the maximum term of prospective membership.


  • Fee

    The signup fee is € 1,250 in the year of joining.

    Calculation of fees for regular membership of companies

    stated total salary and wage bill fee
    standard amount € 3.546
    up ​to € 27.810.000 € 3.546 + 0,0563% over total wage and salary bill
    from € 27.810.001 to € 107.390.000 ​amount of previous bracket + 0,0165% of the total wage and salary bill insofar as more than € 27.810.001
    > € 107.390.001 amounts of previous two brackets + 0,0050% over total wage and salary bill insofar as more than € 107.390.001


General conditions

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