General employers’ association AWVN

That’s why AWVN

Discover nine reasons for choosing AWVN!

​​❶ A clear outlook

AWVN advises employers on development of the HR strategy, the organisation and the employees, and on the design of the employment conditions. This is based on the philosophy that it is precisely these aspects of employership, combined with constructive labour relations, that go a long way towards achieving corporate objectives. This is what AWVN refers to as “good employership”, a concept implying a clear outlook that provides you with a head-start over your competitors. Practical experience has proven this to be the case.

❷ All expertise under one roof

At AWVN you find all conceivable expertise on the subject of employership, human resources and the labour market under one roof. An entire skills centre is at your disposal. Recruiting specific in-house HR expertise is not necessary, meaning you can save on costs! You can also call on the expertise that the AWVN Employers’ Line offers you, on all subjects you have to deal with as an employer. The employers’ helpdesk is quick to give you an answer to your question.

❸ An inspiring partner

Every member has its own contact person at AWVN: the account manager. This person is a highly qualified consultant who pays you periodic visits, knows your sector and establishes links between your company and social and political developments. Your account manager thinks along with you and puts forward appropriate, lasting solutions that are custom-designed to suit your situation.

❹ Always informed

AWVN sees to it that you are permanently kept informed of developments that are relevant to you as an employer, and does so in all possible ways: by means of webinars, information meetings, symposia and conferences; via electronic newsletters, the website and the social media, and in printed form, in the shape of handbooks and brochures.

❺ Unique insights into employment conditions

What are they paying elsewhere for a comparable job? Is my leasing scheme not too expensive? What is a pension scheme that’s in line with the market? AWVN has the most comprehensive database in the field of terms and conditions of employment. This provides you with up-to-date, detailed information that you can reliably use to underpin your policy plans and decisions.

❻ Innovative HR tools

A whole host of concepts that were originally developed by AWVN are now taken as widely accepted practice. Examples include more intelligent working, social innovation and, more recently, lasting employability. These are well thought-out ideas that make for an easy transposition from drawing board to shop floor. Take advantage of AWVN’s creativity and capacity for innovation, and increase labour productivity in your organisation, as well.

❼ A link between politicis, policies and your interests

Have your opinions heard in The Hague, too. Through partner organisation VNO-NCW, in particular, AWVN and its members exert influence in the political arena, and the lines to and from the employers’ organisation are short. This can be taken in the literal sense, since AWVN’s and VNO-NCW’s head offices are housed in the same building, as well as figuratively, since the practical opinions of AWVN members play a major role in the formation of the standpoints espoused by VNO-NCW’s advocates. This makes AWVN the link between in-company practice and political decision-making. And you can draw part of the benefit from that.

❽ Added value through dialogue with the unions

For more than hundred years now, AWVN has been a recognised and valued consultative partner of the trade unions. Permanent dialogue with the trade unions is an indispensable ingredient when it comes to bringing about and maintaining stable labour relations. Partly thanks to the broad base on which this dialogue is organised, strikes are rare, labour productivity is well above average and the Netherlands is an attractive country for foreign companies to invest in.

❾ The network for employers

AWVN is not only advantageous on account of its network in the institutional world, but perhaps even more so due to the network made up by the members themselves. During meetings of the AWVN networks you regularly get the chance to meet other HR managers, working in both larger and smaller organisations. At these fora, participants exchange thoughts on daily HR practice, matters of topical interest and long- and short-term developments – all in an informal setting and an atmosphere of trust. If you’re part of the AWVN network, you know what’s going on.

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