Consultancy services

At AWVN you find all conceivable expertise in the field of employership, human resources and the labour market under one roof.

AWVN offers its members – on quotation basis and in project form – an extensive range of made-to-measure consultancy services. AWVN advice is always aimed at achieving the (corporate) objectives of its members.
AWVN provides its consultancy services to both affiliated members and to members of affiliated sector organisations. Please see our overview below.

  • Labour relations

    Advice on and practical support for improved labour relations. Employee participation, creating support for changes, increasing staff involvement in the employment conditions talks (collective labour agreement platform), organising employee participation, bespoke courses on employee participation, study of employee involvement.

  • Creation of employment conditions

    Advice on and practical support for talks on (collective) employment conditions, at all stages: orientation and preparations, the negotiations themselves, implementation, and evaluation. Also: comparison of employment conditions, cost allocation and comprehensibility of the costs of employment conditions, training in negotiation for employer’s delegations.

  • ​Working-hours management

    Advice on and practical support in ensuring that labour supply and labour demand are geared to each other as closely as possible. Design of duty rosters, organisation of external flexibility, payment of working hours that depart from the norm.

  • Remuneration

    Advice on and practical support in respect of all issues related to pay. Remuneration policy, salary systems, salary growth, variable remuneration, pay comparisons, personal choice budget systems.

  • HR strategy and policy

    Advice on and practical support in the design of HR policy that supports the corporate objectives. Ensures that HR tools make an optimal contribution to the company’s results.

  • ​Performance management

    Advice on and practical support aimed at ensuring that employees and the organisation perform optimally. Competence, performance & development cycle, individual targets, assessments, personal development plans, review of personnel and/or resources.

  • Employability

    Advice on and practical support in finding ways of increasing staff employability. Lasting employability, Alternative Workplace Strategies, stage-of-life policy, vitality policy, training and development.

  • Job evaluation

    Performance of job analysis, job ranking and job evaluation (“ORBA”).

  • ​International labour mobility

    Advice and practical support in cases of crossborder work, in all relevant areas: migration law, labour law and employment conditions, social security, tax matt ers and pensions.

  • ​Legal and tax matters
  • Pensions

    Advice and practical support in all conceivable pension-related areas. Development of a (new) pension policy, design of a pension scheme, study of pension scheme implementation, contract study, harmonisation of pension schemes in the case of mergers, benchmarks, employers’ representation in the pension fund.

  • ​Restructuring: mergers, outsourcing

    Advice and practical support in reorganisations, mergers and outsourcing, social and legal aspects and aspects relating to employment conditions. Consultations with the trade unions and the staff council, cost budgeting, drafting of redundancy plans, design of new organisational structure, harmonisation of terms and conditions of employment.

  • AWVN Lawyers

    Advice and practical support in legal proceedings brought under labour law – in individual and collective issues.

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