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Logo AWVN-werkgeverslijnThe Wet arbeidsmarkt in balans (Wab) will enter into force on January 1, 2020. What consequences does the introduction of this new legislation have for the succession of temporary contracts of employment? 

Before the introduction of the Wab, after two years or after three employment contracts, the employee was entitled to a contract of employment for an indefinite period of time under Dutch law.

Introducing the regulations of the Wab on 1 January 2020, the maximum duration of the chain of contracts of employment will be expanded from two to three years. The rule that an employee needs to get an employment contract for an indefinite period after three temporary contracts remains the same.

It is possible to deviate from these rules in a collective labour agreement (CLA). The maximum period of three years can be extended to four years. The maximum number of contracts can be increased to six, but then additional conditions apply.

The chain of succession will be broken if the period of time between one contract and the next exceeds six months. This six-month interval period is maintained under application of the Wab. This period can also be reduced in the CLA to three months for recurring temporary work that can be carried out for a maximum of nine months per year.