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Planetarium Meeting Center AmsterdamPlanetarium Meeting Center Amsterdam, donderdag 05 maart 2020

Dutch Labour Relations (maart 2020)

This workshop offers foreign managers (temporarily) working in the Netherlands or responsible for the (HR) business in the Netherlands knowledge on Dutch labour relations and labour law.

Each country has its own structure and culture of labour relations. Generally speaking, Dutch labour relations adhere to the dialogue model an strive for the best possible solutions for both company and labour relations within the company. This has created a number of regulatory mechanisms between the representatives of both employers and employees (Dutch Polder) and the government. The result of the Dutch Polder is a high number of collective labour agreements and a low strike rate.

This workshop offers

  • more insights and knowledge on Dutch labour relations;
  • knowledge of the general way of negotiation with the Works Council and trade unions (as for as present) and preferred interaction with staff;
  • knowledge about Dutch labour law and
  • knowledge about the Dutch tax system.

The curriculum is based on a thorough national and international knowledge of negotiations and company practice and the contribution of various senior experts from AWVN.

  • Training methods

    With respect to the busy agenda of the participants the compact and functional program is concentrated into one day. The language of instruction is English. Considering their experience and position, participants are expected to contribute actively to the training by discussing practice and various options. The number of participants is restricted (up to 15 participants). The participants will receive reading material and publications from AWVN on Dutch labour relations.

  • Program

    Participants are kindly requested to mail their specific questions or interests beforehand so the trainers can try to take this into account in setting up the program. The program is focused on interaction and starts with a mutual introduction and an exchange of the learning goals by the participants.
    The items to be discussed are:
    • the negotiating principles in the Dutch arena
    • the panorama of stakeholders and how to deal with their interests
    • how to deal with the Works Council
    • managing Dutch culture
    • law based regulatory mechanisms; hiring and contracts of employment; dismissals and restructuring
    • the Dutch tax system
    • fiscal aspects.

  • Fee and duration

    Proposal € 1.495 for members and € 1.795 for non-members. VAT not included.
    The training takes one day, from 9 am to 5 pm, Thursday the 5th of March. Lunch included.

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